Monday, December 16, 2013

Flashback Tuesday - My Burberry Rainboot ~

 Today, I would like to talk about my Burberry Rain boot which I purchased at early 2013 from Net-A-Porter.  This was a bargain and they were doing 50% off!

Firstly, the package is super luxury with all the gift box and ribbon!  Secondly, this pair fits me so well! I am a 37-37.5 and this pair of 37 fits me perfectly! The ribbon is soft ( but not as soft as Aigle). It fits OK on my calf, not perfect but comfortable enough to wear for a whole day.

In terms of sizing, I feel Burberry is doing much better than Aigle.  I bought a pair from Aigle in Paris, I am between 36 to 37.  While 37 fits me better on the feet, but the ankle area is way to loose.  I picked the 36.  I wore it 3-4 times so far.  It was too tight on my feet.  Oh well, I only paid about 50 Euro for those while they are selling almost 150euro in my country.

Outfit of the day:  Uniqlo green top, Uniqlo Legging, Country Road Wool Scarf, Zara Trench Coat, Burberry Rainboot, Longchamp Le Pliage in purple
 This one is actually my first choice from Burberry but they sold out in a few hours! I am always too slow on those Big Sale!

I cannot find any celebrity picture with my boots on but you can see they looks good in everyone even kids!  I saw the kids version of my rain boot in Burberry Children section, OMG... they are charging almost the same price as the adult one!

I will try to do a modelling pic with my boots today since it is raining and I am going out soon!



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