Saturday, June 30, 2007

David Lawrence, Legging

Another busy day for shopping.

Firstly, I would like to mention about the Yummy Pancake I had last Sunday!!!

I am still working on my room and try to make it as organise as possible. and I bought a few shelves from an " Indian housewares store" called "Priceless" .. it is such a bargain anyway.

and as usual, I bought something I don't really need.. I bought a hair curler because it is 50% off... How can I say no to that?! and I bought some DVD-R to backup my data... and I just found out for the Grand store opening, they had some Segate external harddisk , 250G for $160 only!! and they all sold out!! If I know the deal earlier, I might queue up at the store to get it.

After all the search, I finally 2 pair of Legging from Glassons...

and also.. I got this lovely David Lawrence wool Jacket at a 50% off price... I was watching this item since they launched... and I was so temping to buy it at a 30% off price.. my one is the last piece, I felt so lucky today!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Balenciaga Family and Keds

My B bag family photo as at 23 Jun 07. I know, I know.. I've been shopping a lot these few weeks and seems I never get enough.. I might need some professional help.

I am truly adore the GH Work in Truffle. The color is amazing and of course you never go wrong with black or brown. The bag is slightly heavier than RH but still manageable... (compare to chloe paddington ...) Especially I got it from my LVR sale... who can resist the price?!

I am really into organising my room these days, and spent a lot on household item eg storage box, shelf etc... I love to see everything as organise as it can be. No more messy life / room for me.

I just done a quick calculation on my recent spending
Dotti $235
Country Road $67 ( the item gone down to further 25% off next week.. damn)
Jeanwest $79
Supre top $39 (26+13)
Dotti again $70
Keds 2 pair $60
CD tower $20 (bargain!!)
3 storage box $24
2 shelf <-- paid by Dad, thank you!!
household item $9
Magazine $7
Parking $6

I hope I can stop shopping.. at least for a while...

Today I went to New Market Supre to buy a top for my friend.. and guess what? as usual I found some bargain. Keds reduced from $70 to $30 and MY SIZE IS AVAILABLE!!! I've tried 2 stores last week without any success.. I cant believe the New Market store just have my size available!! Of course, as a shopaholic... I bought 2 pairs without thinking!!! and no regret!

Monday, June 11, 2007

My shopping experience with LVR

I've placed my first order with LVR but unfortunately they didnt process it in a speedy manner due to some reason.... Anyway I called them up today. the whole experience was great and I ended up pay by paypal instead of credit card... well.. no difference to me.....

I've ordered a Giant Hardware Balenciaga City bag in Truffle.. it is not my first choice of course.. but the with 30% off + -VAT.... it ended up saving me around 45% off retail price..

and of course.. I've advised them to ship to Hong Kong instead of NZ ( the city of tax)... Last time when I purchased my Vert Deau work from Aloharag, I remember Fedex charged around 20% tax on my order!! damn!

LVR will ship out my order today..