Saturday, December 28, 2013

First youtube beauty video with english subtitle and my favorite brushes ! Promo Code Inside!

I backed from Taiwan 2 days ago.  I bought so much! I will need to do a few more posts in the next week or so in order to share my goodies!  They are mainly masks and makeups! 

I published my new YouTube video yesterday. The video is about the Real Techniques Brush set and some other goodies I got from an online store KKCentreHk. (

Real Techniques is a bargain buy. They made great quality brushes with reasonable prices. I would love if they can offer a full 7 pieces or 10 pieces brush set.  I don't like the way that they are selling them individually or in a 3-pieces or 4-pieces set. Even each set offers different brushes but some of the brushes look similar enough.  I would like to try their Blush Brush and maybe the Powder Brush. 

I got the above 2 items from Iherb. They are the Stripping Brush and Travel Essentials Set! ( detail review on my video) 
Here is the promo code I could offer to you all:
iHerb code- FUN839
$10 off for anyone shopping at iHerb for the 1st time! You will save $10 off your 1st iHerb purchase of $40 or more! Or $5 off on smaller orders.

Then, these two are my on my wishlist! The Powder and Blush Brushes! 

Apart from this brand, I am keen on another Singapore Brand called 13rushes. (

This Travel Kit looks really great! I Love the Tiffany Blue pouch and how organize it looks! The brushes look soft and flurry. I wish they have a local store here and I could try them out!  
$72SGD is about $56USD, not bad for a set of 8!
 For the Essential Kit, this one is $66SGD, about 53USD, the price is alright.

Other than Brushes, I am very into false eyelash too!  I got my one from KKCenterHk website. The brand is called Princess Lee which is handmade and they are very famous in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Some of the local celebrity only uses this brand! 

Each box comes with 10 pairs, excellent quality, well made lashes! If you handle them carefully, you can reuse them for about 5-10 times!  They are very soft, light lashes which almost weightless when you apply them on.

There is a promo code for KKCenterHk
10% off Coupon Code: Shirley
Valid till 31/1/2015

Hope you all enjoy my video!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola SC bag! all time classic!

I don't know much about the movie by Sofia Coppola, but I do know her bag line with Louis Vuitton. 
I've been over Louis Vuitton since 2005 but somehow this collection got my attention!  I love the colors, I love the sleek look, so chic, so stylish!  You know you are classy and don't need to put a huge logo on your bag! 

I think the original SC bag is perfect for travel, on the other side, it can be a bit too bulky for work or weekends.  

 I got my SC bag in PM at Paris this year! This is such a great buy! 

I was hunting for a Lindy or Kelly.  After numerous try at several Hermes stores and got the same answer " no bags!", " Sorry, we haven't receive any bags yesterday and today" , " oh, that is very hard I am sorry", " we only have the large size",  " Maybe you can try again tomorrow but I cannot guarantee", " sorry the factory is on holiday and we won't be getting any bags till Sept".

I AM OVER!  So I headed to Louis Vuitton to browse again and saw this lovely Cobalt SC bag!  I love Cherry but Cobalt looks more durable and subtle!   Price is France is about 20%-30% off from USA/Asia Price!
 I usually carry it on my shoulder, it fits well but the bag starts to feel a bit heavy after the first 10-15 minutes. I love Goyard, I love Longchamp! So, you know I love the weightless bag!  I only used it twice so far.

This is one of the style you don't see it often on the street.  I like to own an unique bag.

Finally, I want to share some Alexa Chung's picture.  She must owned several SC bags!  Lovely Lovely!  Have you seen the limited Edition at Le Bon Marche?

They look very special....but not my cup of tea!

Regards to the designer, I truely adore the way that Sofia is actually the model for her own collection and she looks great!  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Don't Miss out on my facebook page and youtube channel!

I've been spending my time to work on my Youtube beauty channel as well as my facebook page.

I knew most of you are from english speaking country, I will try to produce video in English for you all.

For my facebook page, I will have post in both Chinese and English.  I will be using this platform to share my mini review, fashion favorite, health and fitness tips etc.

Please do follow my social network :)

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Hope you all enjoy my post!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gerard Darel 24H Bag

 Today, I want to talk about one of the purchase I made at Paris.  I got this Gerard Darel bag from Printemps !  I heard so much about this bag since 5 years ago on fashionspot, blogspot, purseforum etc.  I bought it as it looks like one of the perfect bag for a casual Sunday. 

The leather is buttery soft!  But I noticed the leather sort of vary from bag to bag.  So, if you plan to get one, make sure you ask the sales to take out a few for you to choose the best leather!  I so want to own their Python version of 24H but since the pricing closed to 3000 Euro, So.... I passed.

Outfit : Dotti dress, Gerard Darel 24H bag

 This bag fits my shoulder nicely at summer time.  For winter, I guess you can carry it on your hand instead. The strap won't be able to fit on the shoulder with your bulky winter jacket.
I love olivia Palermo's "woodstock" 24H bag but I couldn't find one in the store.  I wonder how much it is ?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Flashback Tuesday - My Burberry Rainboot ~

 Today, I would like to talk about my Burberry Rain boot which I purchased at early 2013 from Net-A-Porter.  This was a bargain and they were doing 50% off!

Firstly, the package is super luxury with all the gift box and ribbon!  Secondly, this pair fits me so well! I am a 37-37.5 and this pair of 37 fits me perfectly! The ribbon is soft ( but not as soft as Aigle). It fits OK on my calf, not perfect but comfortable enough to wear for a whole day.

In terms of sizing, I feel Burberry is doing much better than Aigle.  I bought a pair from Aigle in Paris, I am between 36 to 37.  While 37 fits me better on the feet, but the ankle area is way to loose.  I picked the 36.  I wore it 3-4 times so far.  It was too tight on my feet.  Oh well, I only paid about 50 Euro for those while they are selling almost 150euro in my country.

Outfit of the day:  Uniqlo green top, Uniqlo Legging, Country Road Wool Scarf, Zara Trench Coat, Burberry Rainboot, Longchamp Le Pliage in purple
 This one is actually my first choice from Burberry but they sold out in a few hours! I am always too slow on those Big Sale!

I cannot find any celebrity picture with my boots on but you can see they looks good in everyone even kids!  I saw the kids version of my rain boot in Burberry Children section, OMG... they are charging almost the same price as the adult one!

I will try to do a modelling pic with my boots today since it is raining and I am going out soon!



Friday, December 13, 2013

Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boot from Shopbop

I got this huge delivery box from Shopbop... what is it??  This is one of my fav boots from Stuart Weitzman!  I tried the boots in the shop and I noticed the size is running large! So normally I would order size 37 but this time Size 35 fits me well!   I also tried the style with a bit of heels.  Honestly, I am not a high heel person and those shoes usually hurt my feet so bad!

I have to mention I got a very good deal from shopbop!  I got a 20% off code!! So, this pair is much lower than the RRP and I know this style is never on sale!

btw... the huge delivery box from shopbop almost can fit a 5 years old kid inside. Maybe they ran out of the smaller size box?!

After I unpacked the parcel, I saw this lovely box in Electric Blue!  My LOVE!  The boot is in perfect condition! ( Of course! this is brand new! )

 (outfit: Top: Uniqlo; Down jacket: Gap; Legging: Forever 21; handbag: Hermes Garden Party; Boots: Stuart Weitzman 50/50)

Here is the link to the Shopbop site in case you want to look up the detail and style: shopbop page
These are the runway pic for you guys!  My legs are extremely thin and it is not easy to find a pair of boots that suits.  5050 matches with legging, jeans easily!  And they are one of the celebrity favorite of all times!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tom Ford Makeup Haul + first Impression! ~~

Finally,  I am a owner of the Tom Ford Cosmetics!  I always want to try this brand and I approached the counter a few times, but I never receive a satisfactory welcome...  Well, this time, I am impressed!

Their cosmetic is on the high end side but their quality, packaging matches the price.  I would like to do a quick impression on the product and I will post a detail review and swatches soon.

Foundation: I love the foundation, it feels a bit like YSL Le Teint touche Ecat Foundation.  Very sheer with med to low coverage.  It suits my normal to dry skin for winter.  I don't even need to use concealer or base under it.

Brow Sculptor:  I am not a fan of brow pencil. I tried the L'Oreal and Maybelline one. But I love this one.  It is really easy to use, great color which matches my natural brow color.  The finishing looks very natural.

Eye Shadow Quad: I think the price is reasonable compare to similar brand like Dior or YSL.  The size is huge.  the color is well pigmented.

Blush: They don't have a wide range of color to choose from but again, the size is huge. Since the blush is well pigmented "again", you only need to use a little each time.  This product is gonna last me a very long time!

Lipstick: I didn't purchase a lipstick but I tried on 4 different colors.  They are soft, moisture with great color collection!  But they are rather pricy as you can find a similar shade in MAC or Nars for much lower price.

I also put up a YouTube review on my look.  The review is in Cantonese but you can still have a quick look on my face, eye and lip makeup and give me comment or feedback!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I am back with more surprise! -Hermes Garden Party & Maxi Twilly~~~

Hello All,

Sorry for disappearing on the last 3 years~ ( what happened to me?!!)

I am back! with lots of goodies and surprises!!

I've been shopping a lot on last year ( Hermes, Burberry, Aigle, Stuart Weitzman5050 .......etc ) and I will start uploading my previous star purchases as well as a new purchase soon!

I also started a new Youtube Channel called "Shirlreview" to review my cosmetic buys! Do you guys want to see the review on my boots, bags etc? Let me know!  I don't mind to open a new channel for you all.

Please keep watching this site!

p.s. please add me on instagram: shirley916 

Ms S