Monday, June 11, 2007

My shopping experience with LVR

I've placed my first order with LVR but unfortunately they didnt process it in a speedy manner due to some reason.... Anyway I called them up today. the whole experience was great and I ended up pay by paypal instead of credit card... well.. no difference to me.....

I've ordered a Giant Hardware Balenciaga City bag in Truffle.. it is not my first choice of course.. but the with 30% off + -VAT.... it ended up saving me around 45% off retail price..

and of course.. I've advised them to ship to Hong Kong instead of NZ ( the city of tax)... Last time when I purchased my Vert Deau work from Aloharag, I remember Fedex charged around 20% tax on my order!! damn!

LVR will ship out my order today..

1 comment:

mila said...

please post pics of the bag :D :D :D