Saturday, June 30, 2007

David Lawrence, Legging

Another busy day for shopping.

Firstly, I would like to mention about the Yummy Pancake I had last Sunday!!!

I am still working on my room and try to make it as organise as possible. and I bought a few shelves from an " Indian housewares store" called "Priceless" .. it is such a bargain anyway.

and as usual, I bought something I don't really need.. I bought a hair curler because it is 50% off... How can I say no to that?! and I bought some DVD-R to backup my data... and I just found out for the Grand store opening, they had some Segate external harddisk , 250G for $160 only!! and they all sold out!! If I know the deal earlier, I might queue up at the store to get it.

After all the search, I finally 2 pair of Legging from Glassons...

and also.. I got this lovely David Lawrence wool Jacket at a 50% off price... I was watching this item since they launched... and I was so temping to buy it at a 30% off price.. my one is the last piece, I felt so lucky today!

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