Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ferragamo Shoess - completed my mission

Congra to myself! I completed my 4 pairs of shoes mission today! I bought this pair of pretty/ durable shoes from Ferragamo. This pair of shoes is made by PVC /Plastic anyway. it is comfy and light. and the price is very reasonable...

Ok.. at this pt. I promise myself not to look at anymore shoes.. ( even I was eying a few pairs of prada, chanel and gucci flats but they are all run out of my size, thank god! )

On the other hand, I am also interested on the new Louis Vuitton Rose and Graffiti.. yes you are right, I am into louis vuitton again . I believe I've done with LV ages ago and I owned the last graffiti pouchette and speedy.. But the new one comes with neon color which I am kinda interested... well. anyway I went there to talk to the sales today and see if she will call me, if she did.. I might buy it..

Also while i was walking to LV store. I noticed these lovely bag from Gucci's window.. I love the white one because it looks similar to the Gucci Love NY boston bag which I know I will never be able to get hold of it unless I paid triple the price... those seems to be a reasonable substitute..

and another one one that catch my attention are those unicef tattoo collection..

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