Friday, December 26, 2008

Escada, Witchery shoes + Jelly Belly!

Even my favorite Jelly Belly are having 30% off.. this is a special memory to me.

My favorite shoes - not love at first sight of the day. I dont really like this pair of shoes from the start but it fits me well and it is well made.. with huge discount. I will say this one will be a classic that last me forever....

My 3 pairs of new shoes... well. no surprise to me actually I know I am going to buy something from the boxing day sale and it will either be shoes or clothes.. my usual habbit.. buying a few pairs of shoes at once.. like once a yr.. to refresh my collection.. nothing fancy.. I tried so hard to get 1 more pairs either YSL or CL or Jimmy Choo or another pair of escada ... but sadly.. really couldnt find something i really want... ( as usually i buy 4 pairs at once) I even been to Prada - my favorite shoes brands.. and found something.. but they all running out of my size .. sadly.@

Can you believe you will be doing same thing every yr at different country? Last yr, the same day, I was crazy shopping at Las Vegas.. and also crazily buying shoes from Saks. And... 1 yr later.. at Sydney.. I am doing the same thing in my own world!

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