Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beautiful Mirror, Angel and Demons, Body Shop Dewberry Perfume Oil

After almost 1 month wait, they finally receive stock on the Angels and Demons.. I started to read it on the train on my way back.. interesting! and this is the first time that I purchase a magazine not because I want to read it... the weather is horrible today, I purchased it for the free umbrella..

My beautiful mirror.. Love it!

Ok ... This perfume oil means a LOT TO ME!! This is my favorite "Dewberry" Perfume oil from The Body Shop. I got 1 bottle around 12 yrs ago.. and they have been discontinued since then.. and I cannot believe I saw it on google yesterday ( when I was searching for another brand)... my GOD!! I love the smell !

P.s. Today is not a good day for shopping.. I decided to take a quick trip to Chanel to drop off my 2 handbag for them to fix it.. and I ended up purchase the above.. well..

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