Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rimmel Nail polish and my no fun gucci shopping bag

I am offically in love with this YSL Besace bag.. I admit i am a bit slow this time.. but the bag launched last yr while I was in the progress of moving to another country.. and I was in love with Chanel that time.... well.. I am not sure is it too late to get this bag now since YSL bag always on sale , maybe I can get a good deal... should go ahead and give my sales a call. I checked out this bag at DJ today.. they have a small one ( not sure what size does YSL offer anyway) .. Maybe I should spend more time to do some research first.. the leather is yummy btw.

Another new found for today. Witchery bag.. super delicious leather..

Ok. That is the " NO FUN" Gucci bag.. yes this is not only a shopping bag but is my handbag of the day! Why? Because I was using my new gucci bag today and on the way to city, I found out the bag had some problem so i ran to Gucci store to get it fix. The bag will be with them for a few weeks.. and .. I came out with the " Gucci shopping bag" as my handbag ..

New buy... Rimmel Nail polish. not sure is it good but the price is cheap.

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