Friday, November 21, 2008

Balenciaga Amethyst Day bag + dvd

I know i shouldn't be buying anymore bag.. ( well I remember I say handbag ban for 1 yr.. but I cannot made it! )

I was in love with 05 magenta color but the price is just too high on ebay and the 08 bubble gum and magenta isn't as bright as 05 one. But this Amethyst is very very similar to 05 Magenta.. I just cannot resist and let it go again! esp.. this is on special discount! 20% off retail price..

I am in love with this style and color!

And.. After a longgg search, I finally found my " city of Angels"


daleliao2002 said...

I love your Amethyst bag. Is it Amethyst darker than pale magenta?
I never see these two color IRL. And i am so wanting a pink bal at the moment.

thank you

tutti futti said...

I just purchased magneta and im super excited to get it!
I love this color too!I used to have city in this color (=