Monday, October 13, 2008

Lowepro backpack and Kodak Retina iiic Vintage Cam!

I know I know.. I know I already have a lovely camera bag but I figure out a backpack might fit me better especially for travel... I love this bag... very slim and light!

and... and... and.. After the Long wait ( 1 week) I got my Vintage
Kodak Retina iiic Camera! The camera belongs to 1950s! and just recently
reconditioned by a professional ( whom is the seller).

I felt so lucky to found this cam! and this is a true great condition
vintage camera! I am still learning how to use it but it seems like a
smart cam to me! and of course it comes with the beautiful leather

1 comment:

canDICE* said...

hello hows the vintage camera so far?
working good and all?
did you manage to take any good pictures? (: