Thursday, September 25, 2008

I got it!! White birkin bi-color

Finally .. Finally.. Finally.. I picked it up today..   


lyn said...


it's very nice!!! gorgeous!

btw found your blog through tpf...will be checking back for updates ;)


Miss S said...

hahah ee-lyn,

welcome welcome!! yea love this bag.. but need to take extra care!

Ashley said...

Hi, wonder if you are interested in getting another Birkin to add on to you Hermes family. I just came back from Paris and I managed to get a few Birkins. Do message me if you are interested

Tastes of Home said...

wow Love your white birkin, I'm still in the Chanel phase, hopefully will 'graduate' to Birkins soon LOL

Minami @ TPF

LittleSclicesOfHeaven said...

Yeyy, another classy girl that move to Australia!! Love your style and taste! Thanks o much for sharing!