Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Muji/ VCD/ new ipod..

Finally... finally.... I received the goodies that I shipped from Hong Kong around 1.5 month ago.. I know I know I am not suppose to shop anymore but I just cannot control myself..

well.. they are all " USEFUL stuff.." .... heheh well.. yes.. i think so...

So, I spent my whole afternoon to unpack the 2 x 20KG box.. I bought lots of stuffs from Muji and I guess I have to ship it to Aussie then... and I bought 24 books.. yes.. I cannot believe I bought that much.. I can go through them slowly i am sure i can...

And some VCD and DVD.. they are not the new release anyway just my favorite movie and I would like to keep a copy at move.. I saw most of them in the cinema already.. ( well.. might be I shouldnt buy it... )

and finally I picked up my new Ipod 80G today! I haven't open the box yet.

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