Friday, November 02, 2007

Iphone Killer

I would called myself an Iphone Killer.. I can't believe I almost.. almost kill an iphone today.. just 2 weeks since I got it.

here is the flow to show how i manage to kill my phone
some software not showing up properly -> uninstall community source and see if reinstall will help -> after uninstall, no option for reinstall -> panic as there is only 5 software showing on my installer -> decided to reinstall the -> not working -> uninstall -> reinstall -> not working-> decided to upgrade to the dangerous installer 3.0 -> everything works fine -> with new function decided to add more sources -> works fine -> today after I click into installer -> phone hanged ->reset -> keep restarting.... -> give up.

I ended up take it back to the person who unlocked it for me and he managed to fix it all! and even upgraded to firmware 1.1.1 for me. Thanks God!!

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